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Time for a new Mattress


If you find yourself tossing and turning at 4am, waking up with new aches and pains on a regular basis and sleeping better away from home than at home, could be it’s time for a new mattress. Experts state a new mattress is needed somewhere between every 5 and 10 years.

Check your mattress out for signs of wear and tear and most importantly, sagging. We spend roughly one third of our lives in bed so no wonder our mattresses take a bit of a beating. And with that much time in the sack it’s important to be as comfortable as possible.

When you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, take your time. You’ll find all kinds of confusing information out there. Some say a firm mattress is best for lower back pain. Other ‘experts’ disagree. Some say foam mattresses create backaches. Others tell you coils will hurt your back and airbeds are the best.

Truth is, this mattress selection thing is a very subjective experience. What’s comfortable to one may not be to another. If you’ve decided it’s time to get a new mattress here’s a quick, not exhaustive, rundown on what’s out there and what might help you make your selection.

Have an Open Mind

Focus on what you want in a mattress, not price or brand name. There really isn’t a lot of scientific evidence out there on the type of mattress that will help you sleep better.

Soft, Medium or Firm?

Some medical conditions definitely seem to respond better to particular mattress styles. Anyone with neck or back pain seem to respond better on a medium firm mattress. Apart from medical conditions, it all comes down to personal choice.

Memory Foam

These can have some pretty hefty price tags, but at Half Price Mattress we got them in all price ranges.  There is some evidence that they can help with back problems and improve the quality of sleep.

Adjustable Beds

These are great if you need to sleep with your head raised. An upright position can also help people who suffer from heartburn regularly. For people with sore joints these beds can provide great relief because knees and hips can be adjusted to a 90° angle.


If you have allergies read the mattress label to make sure the mattress materials don’t contain allergens. Remember to vacuum your new mattress regularly to get rid of the dead skin cells that dust mites feed on.

Try the Mattress Out

Don’t be shy! Lay on your potential new bed for 15 minutes and assess how it feels. Warning, this could be time consuming if you’ve got your eye on ten different mattresses!

Good luck in your search for a perfect night’s sleep. We've got a huge selection in the store and our knowledgeable staff are here to assist you in the process.