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You’re likely shopping for a new mattress because you’ve been waking up feeling like a zombie. You aren’t getting that restful, comfortable sleep you need to tackle the day ahead. We’ve put together a basic guide, highlighting the three most popular mattress types, to help you weave through the myriad selections out there. The right mattress will align to the contours of your body, giving you the support you needs. Soft or firm is largely a matter of personal preference. A comfortable mattress is an investment in your well-being.


This is the most popular mattress and there’s a huge selection to choose from. They range in firmness, fluffiness of the pillow top and price. Latex and foam are often added to the top of innersprings for comfort. Look for individually enclosed coils with a count of 400 or more. Innersprings provide excellent edge support.

Memory Foam
These mattresses are gaining in consumer traction. Key qualities are their ability to contour to your body and respond to body temperature. Memory foam absorbs body movement, making it easier  to sleep with your partner. 

Made from natural or synthetic rubber, latex mattresses provide uniform, firm support throughout the bed. Latex pushes back, unlike memory foam. If you don’t like a firm mattress, you won’t like latex.


  • Know Your Dimensions:  Go equipped to Half Price Mattress with the dimensions of your current bed and your bedroom. You don’t want to come home with something too big for your space.
  • Test Drive: Don’t be shy about laying on a bed (with your favorite pillow) for 15 minutes to evaluate comfort and support. This shopping trip could take awhile so allow yourself time.
  • Ask about Warranty: A good mattress will have a good warranty. Don’t forget a mattress protector because stains will void it.